transformational-groups-creating-a-new-scorecard-for-groupsI (Eric) serve alongside Ed as one of the vice presidents of LifeWay, where I lead the Church Resources Division. I also am honored to serve as teaching pastor in a local church in the Nashville area. Before we moved here, my wife and I were involved in small groups for young couples for many years in Miami. Those in our small group there are still dear friends and people the Lord used as sanctifying encouragers in our lives.

Since we are no longer considered a young couple and could not be a part of the small group as members, we now lead a young couples’ group at our church in Nashville. Some of the couples are so young they call my wife “Mrs. Kaye,” which has only heightened our awareness of our approaching “middle-age” status.

Kaye and I love being in a small group. We have seen the Lord use the community He develops in a group environment to mature His people—to mature us. We lead a group not as a job but to invest in the spiritual transformation of others.

So we are small-group leaders and practitioners every week. Our desire is to serve you by helping you see group life lived out more effectively and fruitfully. We share as pastors, researchers, and small-group leaders because we are convinced—and we think that you should be convinced—that small-group life matters. Church leader, your groups matter.