Amazing-Power-FRONT“It is just so inherently possible,” I went on to explain, my voice rising in intensity. This is something we really can do. It is realistic. It is possible. It is doable.

Doubling a group every two years or less translates into forty percent annual growth, or, the average group of ten going from ten to fourteen in a year. I have never met a group leader that didn’t think they could do that if they put their mind to it. It is possible. We really can do this.

If we can grow from ten to fourteen in the first year, the same level of growth the second year will get us to twnety. We go to two groups of ten and start the whole process over again. It is possible, and, as we will see in a minute, it is happening in many places all around the world and is resulting in unprecedented world-wide expansion of the kingdom, which is the second reason I am so passionate about the amazing power of doubling groups.

Perhaps a picture will help. One of my hosts at a recent conference shared the following picture of a man named Paul. I don’t know that his actual name is Paul or not, but he is holding a sign that says, “Paul,” so we will call him Paul.


Paul was the leader of a small group. They prayed and had fellowship and studied the Bible and did what small groups do. Eventually, Paul gathered a group of people from this small group that became his Timothys.


These Timothy’s started small groups of their own. Eventually, these Timothys found men in their small group that they designated as faithful men, giving them groups of their own.


But, the amazing power of small groups does not stop there. The faithful men gathered others: