Fat-is-Normal-CoverA couple of times a week, I need to have an oatmeal day. What is an oatmeal day? Well, it is easiest to understand by thinking of its opposite: an indulgent day.

We all have indulgent days from time to time. Days when we want to take a break from dieting. Days when we want to eat two pieces of cheesecake. Days when we want to go nuts. You can do that every now and then. Go ahead. It won’t kill you.

I had an indulgent day yesterday. It was the day after my birthday, but it was the day we celebrated. My wife got a yummy carrot cake—one of my favs. I had two pieces. Yumbo! And, here is the good news—I am still living.

Here is the bad news. I gained a pound. Time for an oatmeal day. I mean oatmeal as a metaphor, but for me, it is quite literal. It means that one meal is going to be one big bowl of oatmeal. It will be a super low calorie day. There are normal days. There are indulgent days, and there are oatmeal days.

What might an oatmeal day look like for you?

You might think of the same concept with reference to exercise. There are normal days of exercise. There are light days. And, there are “go nuts” days. I had one of those recently when I walked 21,707 steps.