Amazing-Power-FRONTHow many people do you think a group of ten could reach in ten years by doubling every eighteen months?

It is an important question, because in a group of ten, it won’t look like much. In fact, someone will have to be measuring very carefully to see if the group is, in fact, growing at all at this rate. If your group was growing at this rate and I asked you how your group was doing, you might say to me, “It is doing well. We are rocking along. We have a few new people. It is going well.” What you would not say is something like this: “It is amazing! We are in the midst of a huge revival and many are coming to faith in Christ! God is doing an amazing, incredible, unprecedented work!”

But, the truth is, you are in fact in the middle of an amazing movement. Project it out. Imagine that a group is able to grow and divide, grow and divide, grow and divide, and they do this consistently over a ten year period of time. How many people could a group of ten reach in ten years by doubling every eighteen months? Let’s work it out.


10 people

1.5 years

20 people

3 years

40 people

4.5 years

80 people

6 years

160 people

7.5 years

320 people

9 years

640 people

10 years

1000 people

You can reach a thousand people for God by giving yourself to a small group–a Sunday School class or a home group that doubles every eighteen months.

“Not realistic,” you say? I want to show you a number of examples where it really is happening all around the world.