Step two is to build a guiding team who will craft and carry out the vision. Who is on this team is of critical importance. They must be the natural leaders of the organization. They may or may not be the people whose names appear on the organizational chart. They may or may not be Bible study leaders or deacons. They are the people that the church naturally looks to when a controversial issue comes up. Who is on this team is more important than the vision they craft. As Jim Collins puts it, “get the right people on the bus.” Here’s another Jim Collins quote, “First who, then what.”

John Maxwell tells the classic story known as the Claude story. In his first pastorate John was smart enough to realize that although he held the title of pastor, he was not the real leader. A man named Claude was. Claude was a farmer. He didn’t hold any positions in the church, but when he spoke, people listened. When he made a suggestion, people respected it. When Claude led, others followed. That is the definition of leadership. John Maxwell got Claude on his team. The rest, as they say, is history.