TranstioningSurrender is the most important step to transitioning the church or ministry you are leading. Jesus said that it is better for Him to go so the Holy Spirit could be sent. If the Holy Spirit is better to have here on earth, have you surrendered to the Spirit? Is He leading you and guiding you not only in your work as a pastor or church leader but also personally? Before you answer, how do you know? What is the evidence that you have surrendered to the Spirit?

If you have been at the church for any amount of time, and it is filled with only church people, this question should strike you: Are you following the Spirit? Does the Spirit only want churched people coming to church, or does He desire the lost and hurting? I’m afraid that often, we try to lead the Spirit into where we want to go rather than have Him lead us where He wants us to go.

While this step is the most important in seeking the transitioning of the church, it is often the most controversial because it refers to the part of the Trinity many Protestants (especially Baptists) talk about the least. I grew up Baptist and the only time I heard the term the Holy Spirit was when a person was baptized: “I baptize you in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” I literally had no clue the role of the Holy Spirit. There is a difference in having head knowledge about the Holy Spirit and being surrendered to the Holy Spirit.