TranstioningWhat happens if ministries are not tweaked? They become a type of ministry we never want to have: a “just because” ministry or program. A “just because” ministry serves no purpose other than existing. Why do we do this ministry? Just because. What is the purpose of investing in this program? Just because. Why do we allocate so much money to this area? Just because. The amount of time, money, and energy that staff and lay leaders put forth into a “just because” ministry offers no tangible results. Often these types of ministries offer no more than a congratulatory pat on the back where the churched look upon each other and say, “Great job!”

What are some “just because” ministries your church offers? What are the sacred cows that have been in the pasture a little too long? Where is the black hole of money and time that churns your stomach anytime someone mentions that ministry or program?  If something isn’t working, it something doesn’t fit the vision of the church, then it needs to be cut so the money and energy can be put into other or new ministries that are capable of reaching the unchurched. The goal of the church is not maintaining ministries. The goal is reaching and discipling