Strange LeadershipIs it wrong to want to be an innovative leader or lead an innovative church? I don’t think so, especially if your goal of being innovative is to follow where God leads. We just need to check out motives and heart here early in this journey. One of my favorite tweets is from March 8, 2010. Pastor Matt Chandler of The Village Church in Dallas, TX wrote, “Jesus is not a means to an end…He’s the goal or you’re an idolater.” Wow! What a sobering exhortation. Innovation cannot be the goal.

This book isn’t how to manipulate Jesus to make you more innovative. This book is about being in sync with Jesus, listening to Him and following Him. It just so happens if you do, you’ll be innovative. See the difference? Tony Morgan, when writing about “America’s Most Innovative Churches” for Outreach magazine (Jan/Feb 2008) said, “If it’s just innovation for innovation sake, it really has no value in the Church. If the end result is life-transformation through Christ, then the Church needs to be innovative.” I agree.