Strange LeadershipDo you want to see God do something new in your church and the lives of the people who attend your worship gatherings? Preach the gospel to them. If you’re leading an older, established congregation with a majority of believers present, it will revitalize them and refocus their priorities, reminding them of their need to repent and believe. It will soften their hearts and remind them of the good news they once received and why it is life to those friends, family, and coworkers they love and don’t yet know Christ. To the church that is young and reaching mainly those far from God, preaching the gospel will be like water to someone dying of thirst in the desert. It is your partnering with the Holy Spirit who is the reason they are even there. Remember no one seeks God on their own. If you have lost people in your congregation, God is already at work, drawing them to himself.

Most church leaders want to see their church alive and vibrant with new people, new ideas, new dreams, and new innovations of doing ministry. Preach the unchanging truth of the gospel and new things (innovation) will be a natural byproduct.