Reaching the summitLeaders of a declining organization must come to the realization that the organization is in decline and the fact that “I” or my actions (or inactions) might have contributed to part of the cause for decline. However, it is not necessarily time to throw in the towel. There are principles and steps to reverse the trend of decline. There must be a “want to” attitude among the leaders first, and the members of the organization. We will look at this closer in the steps to reversing decline. However, first it would be wise to look at the phases of decline.

Before you proceed to read further in this book stop and pray, asking God to open your heart to see and realize the needs in your own church to assure avoidance or reversal of declining trends. Pray that you would read each word seeking to rekindle the flame and your passion for growing a healthy church (body of believers) for God’s glory and His kingdom. May God bless and grow you through your reading and implementing of principles and practices found in the following pages.
George Yates, Reaching the Summit (Essence Publishing, 2012).