Pulpit-Press is pleased to announce the release of our latest book: Wise Up! A 12-week study of the Proverbs. Here is an excerpt:


In Proverbs 4:8, Solomon tells us to exalt wisdom. That is what we seek to do in this book. If we accomplish nothing else, we hope we leave you with a profound appreciation for the central importance of getting wisdom. Andy Stanley calls this “the best question ever.” As we go through our day, the best question is not whether it feels good, or if we can afford it, or if this person is the right one for us, or if we should stay or leave. No, the best question ever is, “Is it wise?”

Solomon also says that we are to embrace wisdom. We are to love it. The English Standard Version states it, “Prize her highly.” The verse goes on to tell us why: “So that she will promote you.” Again, this is a reminder that pursuing wisdom is good for us. Life is better if we pursue wisdom. Good things come to people who are wise.

So, are you ready to seek wisdom—using the book of Proverbs as your guide—and commit to apply that knowledge to your life? Are you ready to live the life that God has for you—“that it may go well with you”? If so, you are ready to look at the first of 10 areas that we will examine as to where wisdom is to be applied. We will begin by looking at our decision-making.