Josh2014-500wDoubling groups are working at North Point because Andy Stanley regularly stands before his church and says, “I am in a group that is doubling; I want you to be in a group that is doubling.” He didn’t just say it just once. He says it every year. Here is another example.

So because of our leadership here, and because of Bill Willits and his team, we have found ways to give people an opportunity to be in a closed, predictable group for a year to eighteen months and then to divide and start new groups.

Sandra and I are in our twelfth group. We started doing this before North Point was started. It has been an incredible, incredible experience. In fact, I will tell you a story. Our group is about to divide. We have been together for a year and a half, so it is time to divide. So, we have that awful, awkward conversation that every group has to have. How are we going to divide? Who is going with who? Who is keeping who? It is always very, very awkward. Breaking up is hard to do.

Why isn’t it happening everywhere? Because Andy is the only pastor I have ever heard say, “I am in a group that doubles; I want you to be in a group that doubles.” I believe this is something that every church could learn from. You might not want to do everything like North Point. Could you prayerfully consider doing this one thing: stand before your people and say, “I am in a group that is committed to doubling. I want you to be in a group that is committing to doubling.” Available on Amazon.