Following-God-frontWhen you follow God, you never know where you are going. It is not like driving with an old-fashioned Rand-McNally map book where you can lay it out and see the whole thing. You can turn to state maps and city maps to see more detail. Following God is like driving with a GPS on and all you get is the voice prompts.

Sometimes, as was true with Abraham, you won’t hear anything for a long time. If you have ever driven with a GPS, you will know how familiar this is.

If you get on I-10 and drive across Texas, you will not hear anything for hours. Then, the voice will jar you out of your coma.

Following God is like that. You rock along—day and night, month after month, year after year—then, “turn left, go there, do this, stop doing that.”
If you are addicted to certainty, you might not like following God very much. If you love detailed plans, following God might frustrate you. If you prefer the boring to the adventure of the unknown, then following God might not be your cup of tea.