Following-God-frontOne more great from Ortberg’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go!:

Abram and Sarai, today is the day!
So get your dad, Terah, and get on your way.
You will wander like nomads, and I even think maybe
You might have a nonagenarian baby.
You’ll be marked by your faith, you’ll be marked by a vision,
You’ll be marked by (you might not love this) circumcision.
Like stars in the sky your descendants will be,
Though you will tell lies indiscriminately.
You’ll get lost and confused and be badly afraid.
You will wait till quite late and mistakes will be made.
You won’t know what to say, you won’t know what to do,
But all peoples on earth will get blessings through you.
With your muddled-up faith you’ll do more than you know,
And I promise you this: Oh, the places you’ll go!5