david-plattAs you find your seat, if you have a Bible, I hope you do, let me invite you to open with me to Romans 3. Heather and I had the opportunity to spend a night alone this weekend apart from kids. It was the second time we’ve done that since Joshua was born about seven months ago and it was quiet and there were no diapers to change and there were no noses to clean and there were all those little things that parents do on a moment by moment basis that were removed. It was just serene peace and quiet, for about 60 seconds and then we began to talk. You’ll never guess what we began to talk about. Our kids, and the diapers we changed and the noses we cleaned. There is something about when kids get in your heart and on your minds; you can’t get them out of your mouths.

This is the picture of personal evangelism I want us to see. What happens when God is such a consuming reality in our lives, reality with a capital “R”? His work in our lives so captivates our minds on a daily basis that He, who is our life, flows all through our minds, out through our mouths constantly. This is personal evangelism. It is the gospel. It’s what we’re talking about when we talk about threads. The gospel and personal evangelism, the opportunities we have every single day to let the core of the gospel, different colors and shades of the gospel, different threads of the gospel permeate our conversations, weave into the fabric of our lives on a day by day basis.

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