can these bones liveHere are some depressing statistics:

  • 1,400 pastors in America leave the ministry monthly
  • Less than 20% of churches recognized or appreciated their pastor in some way annually
  • Only 15% of churches in the United States are growing and just 2.2% of those are growing by conversion growth
  • 10,000 churches in America disappeared in a five-year period
  • The number of people in America that do not attend church has doubled in the past 15 years
  • The vast majority of churches have an attendance of less than 75
  • In 70% of the churches in America, the pastor is the only full-time staff person
  • 23% of church attendees say they attend a small group for growth or accountability
  • Only 65% of Americans donate to a place of worship
  • Only 60% of Christians say they are deeply committed to their faith
  • Only one-third of church attendees believe that they have a responsibility to share their faith
  • 26% of Evangelicals believe that salvation can be earned
  • In his book, Who Shall Lead Them? Larry Witham said, “20% of US churches have no future.”

William Henard, Can These Bones Live: A Practical Guide to Church Revitalization (Nashville: B&H, 2015).

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