Transformational ChurchThe leaders at the Scottsdale church had created an environment conducive to the development of relationships. Over the years many of the members of that church became highly intentional about developing relationships with men and women who visited the church and, especially, the unchurched who had never visited the church before.

Tammy was an unchurched person who happened to come to the church in a time of great need. The responsiveness of those in the church was remarkable. “I’ve never encountered this type of love and concern,” Tammy told us. “I was blown away. I know that all churches aren’t like this. If they were, the world would be a greater place already.”

Unlike most churches that think they’re friendly because they greet guests at church with a smile and a handshake, the Scottsdale church has become naturally relational. They don’t have a program to be nice or to invite people to church. Instead, they are taking the love of Christ to hundreds throughout their community. They are turning the world upside down one relationship at a time. They know that people are not just looking for a “friendly church,” they’re hungry for friends.

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