Pastor, you are uniquely positioned to teach your teachers to teach the Word. This is true for at least three reasons:

  1. You know the Word better than anyone else in your church.
  2. You have had more experience in teaching the Word than anyone else in your church.
  3. You likely have more influence than anyone else in your church. No one else in your church commands the respect as an expert in Bible Teaching that you do.

There is a dirty little secret in Sunday School. We hardly ever talk about it, but it is a big problem. It may be it is so big that only you, pastor can fix it. In many cases, Sunday School is boring. I recently asked about this on Facebook. Here are some of the responses:

Whatever your plan for making disciples of all nations, it surely can’t be done if these numbers are anywhere close to right.

And, here is some good news. I have just written a new resource to teach teachers. I make it so easy for you, it will only require a few minutes of preparation. (I had a pastor say to me one time that the reason he loved my Bible lessons is the they only required him to spend 15 minutes in preparation.) Check them out here: