There is a dirty little secret in Sunday School. We hardly ever talk about it, but it is a big problem. It may be it is so big that only you, pastor can fix it. In many cases, Sunday School is boring. I recently asked about this on Facebook. Here are some of the responses:

This is a huge problem. My research is actually a little more positive than the the Facebook posts above would suggest. My research shows that only about a third of our Sunday School classes are boring. A third is way too many.

Gone are the days when people will attend a class this is boroing. I love what Howard Hendricks says, “It is a sin to bore people with the gospel.”

The best long-term answer (and maybe the only answer) for a declining Sunday school is a quality program that is relevant and vibrant. Most adults will not attend a boring and irrelevant Bible class; neither will they send their children. Garth Bolinder, Tom McKee, and John R. Cionca, What Every Pastor Needs to Know about Music, Youth, and Education, vol. 6, The Leadership Library (Carol Stream, IL; Waco, TX: Christianity Today, Inc.; Word Books, 1986), 173.

And, here is some good news. I have just written a new resource to teach teachers. I make it so easy for you, it will only require a few minutes of preparation. (I had a pastor say to me one time that the reason he loved my Bible lessons is the they only required him to spend 15 minutes in preparation.) Check them out here: