gordonFrankly, one of my greatest personal regrets in twenty-five years of preaching is that I don’t feel I taught my people how to study the Bible for themselves, either as individuals or in a group. I think I’ve been a fairly good preacher. People took notes and were very affirming about what I preached. So I think my preaching was definitely meeting a need. But now as I look back, I feel like I was studying the Bible for the people. What I should have done was help them to understand how I studied it and how they could learn to study it for themselves. I shudder to think that we may be moving toward a point where there are just a few strong communicators who are studying the Bible for us all.

I wish now that I would have encouraged my people to get more involved in small group studies. This is one of the best ways I know to help people grow in their personal faith.

Gordon MacDonald. Discipleship Journal, Issue 50 (March/April 1989) (NavPress, 1989).