IMG_1172If you are between Ministers of Education, this may be a perfect time to do a six-month Sunday School Tune-up. Here is what I have in mind.

I would like to come out once a month for six months and work with your Sunday School to get it in tip-top shape. Each trip will be five days. I will travel in on Friday and be there Saturday – Wednesday and leave out on Thursday. I will do the following on each trip

  • Conduct one of six conferences (see below)
  • Attend all worship services and one Sunday School class each trip.
  • Do a walk-through of the building and offer suggestions.
  • Do a space analysis of the building and offer suggestions.
  • Meet with 12 hand-picked Sunday school teachers for a small group teaching time. See below for subjects taught.
  • Meet with staff to offer suggestions on Sunday services.
  • Meet with staff and go over content of Doubling Groups 2.0 and You Can Double Your Church in Five Years or Less.
  • Meet with each Sunday School teacher individually or in groups of 2 – 3 for personal discipling/ coaching. (For large churches, I may not be able to meet with all of them.)

The six conferences I will conduct include:

  • You Can Double Your Class in Two Years or Less
  • Teach Like Jesus
  • Disciplemaking Teachers
  • Make Your Group Grow
  • One Magnificent Obsession
  • Evangelism as a Team

The six small group lessons I will teach are:

  • Lesson #1: Never try to teach people you have not prayed for
  • Lesson #2: The “With them” Principle
  • Lesson #3: The goal is not to make smarter sinners. Teach for application. Make disciples.
  • Lesson #4: You can’t infect people with a disease you don’t have. Only disciples can make disciples. Set an example.
  • Lesson #5: 100% guaranteed way to sin less than you do.
  • Lesson #6: Why we MUST discuss.

Cost for each trip is $3000 plus expenses. I am willing to stay in a home if need be to keep expenses down. Total expense per month should be less than the salary of a M.E.

Contact me at or 575.650.4564 for more details.