IMG_1172I received the following email from a Good Questions subscriber recently:

We have talked several times over the last three or four years since I started using your lessons to lead my Sunday School class. I say lead because I truly do not teach I lead a discussion and let the class members lead each other where the Holy Spirit will lead us each week with our questions used a road map to get use there. I am educator in the public schools for 43 years and this has been a eye opener for me using your discussion questions–I truly do not feel our class would go back to a conventional Sunday School “canned lesson” in a published quarterly as we used to call them.

Please know that your discussion method saved my class from a struggling class with 4 to 6 members a week to class that has 14 to 16 most Sundays and on high attendance days we may have as many as 18 to 20…

Thank you for your discussion method of Christian learing and discipleship.

Marion Shaw
Aynor, South Carolina


Lesson are available here: