1st-peter_cover400We live today in a world that is hostile to Christian faith and practice. Religious ideas float like plankton on the waves of our culture. The word plankton means wandering or drifting. Such is an apt description of our world today as we are cut loose from all principles and practices that bring sense and wholeness to life. We are slowly sliding into cultural suicide and death. Unbridled restraint and distortion of reality are in open display. Violence, even extreme brutality, characterizes our world; and martyrdom is now common among believers worldwide. Immorality abounds, lying is disregarded and integrity has all but disappeared.

Christianity was born in just such a world. Early believers flourished, and the message of the cross and the resurrection reshaped the world. The books of 1 and 2 Peter and Jude stand as solid witness and strategic importance to believers in our world today. (From the Foreword of Encouraging Words for Difficult Days.)

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