You might not think a baby could teach theology. My grandbabies taught me plenty. To be more accurate, I suppose I could say that it was my kids that taught me. But, when you have kids, you don’t have a lot of time to philosophize about the lessons they are teaching you about theology. Between changing diapers, sleepless nights and soccer practice, there isn’t a lot of extra time. As a granddaddy, I have the luxury of time to reflect.

I mentioned two things my grandbabies taught me in the last article:

  • Just as I love my grandbabies with an automatic, undeserved, unquenchable love, so our Heavenly Father loves us with an automatic, undeserved unquenchable love. We don’t have to do anything to earn His Love.
  • Just as I never gave my kids rules that would harm them, so also God never give us rules that will harm us. His commands are not burdensome. Over and again we read the that the commands are given, “so that it may go well with you.”

Here is a third lesson: humans are sinners.

John Locke taught that humans are a blank slate. I don’t know how any parent could come up with that. I never had to teach my kids to be mean, to hit, to hurt, to lie or any number of other things that would harm themselves and the people around them. Humans are naturally given to sin. It comes naturally. It doesn’t have to be taught.

This fact has real implications to everyday life, and in the lesson on this topic, we will dive into the practical implications of the fact that we are all sinners.

8 ready-to-use, discussion-based Bible lessons on the topic: What My Grandbabies Taught Me About Theology. You might not think that a newborn could teach anything about anything. I mean, what does a baby know? Here is what I learned when I held my grandbaby for the first time:

Lesson #1
I am loved / Zephaniah 3.17; John 3.16

Lesson #2
God Protects, Even When I Am Not Aware / Psalm 34

Lesson #3
We Are All Sinners / Romans 3.9 – 26

Lesson #4
God’s Commands Are Good Deuteronomy 6.18; 
Hebrews 11.6; 1 John 5.3

Lesson #5
All God’s Children Are Unique 
Psalm 139; Ephesians 2.10

Lesson #6
Life Is Better When We Get Along
Psalm 133.1; Romans 12.18, 14.15; Hebrews 12.14

Lesson #7
He Has the Whole World In His Hands Matthew 6.25 – 34

Lesson #8
If You Want Something, Ask 
Matthew 7.7 – 11

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