It’s hard to find solitude anywhere, these days. Oh, we have plenty of alone time, at least physically. Solitude, however? That’s a little tougher.
Everywhere we go, we have our phones or our tablets or our laptops. Texts or Facebook or e-mail connects us to everyone on the planet. We may be the only human being for miles, but we have access to hundreds of “friends,” as well as up-to-the-minute news, at our fingertips. Our thoughts are cluttered with a jumbled mess of trivialities.

Our minds are always full, always busy. Just as we must empty out a cluttered cabinet in order to clean it, we must remove all distractions from our spirit in order to fill it back up with the peace and orderliness that only comes from God. Too often, we treat our time with God like a tweet or a text. Nothing wrong with short and sweet, but when that’s all there is, the relationship will suffer.

We need to make time each day to withdraw from everyone and everything but God. We need to focus on Him alone, face-to-face, no distractions. When we do, the relationship will grow, and with it, our minds will be filled with the peace and wisdom to face everything else. — Renae Brumbaugh et al., (Uhrichsville, OH: Barbour, 2015).

This article excerpted from The Discipleship Course.

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