There are a number of good apps for Scripture Memory. I want to recommend Scripture Typer. There is a free version that will allow you to experiment with how the app works. There is a small fee for the full version.

Scripture Typer has a number of wonderful features, but the one I love best is the feature that allows you to listen to the verses you are working on recorded in your own voice. This way, you can memorize verses the same way you memorized John 3:16.

Most church-going Christians can quote John 3.16 although they never consciously tried to memorize it. They just heard it so many times that it magically lodged in their brain. I am using Scripture Typer to do the same thing with 1300 plus verses that I am working on. Every day I work on a few during my Quiet Time, and listen more when I walk or when I drive.

Slowly by slowly these verses are being programmed as the new map in my mind. My mind is being transformed into a unit the Holy Spirit can speak to.

They say that the real test of learning a new language is when you get to the point you can think in that other language—when your automatic thoughts can process in the new language. This is when you know you are close to mastery of the new language.

I will never forget the day I noticed my automatic thoughts being Scripture. When you listen, read, study, memorize, and meditate on the word, your mind is transformed. When your mind is transformed, you don’t have to try really hard to be good, you just do what the programming calls for.

The book and study guide are both available on Amazon. The study guide is also avail as well as part of my Good Questions Have Groups Talking subscription service.

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