My mercy is for you. It pulls you on even when the world tries to tell you that your life doesn’t matter. When the enemy works to make you feel unloved, My mercy becomes your heart’s loving refuge. It grows inside you so you don’t ever have to worry that I am somewhere far away. I am with you. I am the One who gave you life, and I am the One who sustains you. My mercy takes your hand and leads you away from your mistakes and gives forgiveness in place of sin. My mercy treats you with kindness and shows you all the ways I made you wonderful.

No disaster or act of malice can overtake you. My mercy covers you from the storms, and I want it to be your anchor on the world’s oceans of judgment and ridicule. No matter how dark the day may be, Jesus is the Light of your world. He shines over you so darkness cannot remain. My mercy protects you from being overwhelmed by the day’s unrelenting pace. I know you have times when you don’t feel loved. The world has a way of draining your heart with its burdens and expectations. Don’t let the enemy trap you into thinking that an empty heart is what I want you to bear.

Instead, share all the ways I’ve had mercy on you. Tell people how I answer prayers and bless you in ways that far exceed how you hoped I would answer. Mercy originates in Me. Come to Me when you feel alone and misunderstood. Mercy replaces those feelings with My compassion to help you feel valued and wanted. I can accomplish so much through you. The enemy wants you paralyzed with worry—frozen right where you are, not where I want you to be. I will keep your heart filled with My love and creativity. I want you to know that you are important to Me, and today is better because you’re in it. — Matt Koceich, Come, Follow Me: 365 Comforting Messages from the One Who Knows Your Name (Uhrichsville, OH: Barbour, 2016).

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