Ours is a supernatural faith built around three personal miracles. Our faith commences with a miracle. We come into the kingdom by a miraculous new birth (John 3:3). Our salvation concludes with a miracle. At our Lord’s coming we will be made like him (1 John 3:2). What a transformation! But there is the continuing middle miracle that many seem to miss. This miracle is that we can reign in life right now with Kingdom Authority.

Christians are not just nice people. They are new creatures with spiritual royalty. They are not like a tadpole graduating into a frog but are more like a frog transformed by the kiss of grace to become a prince. “For if by one man’s offence death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ” (Rom. 5:17).

But what kind of a king can reign without authority? None! In the same way we cannot reign in the grace and power of our Lord without Kingdom Authority.

The life that God desires for us is to be one of divine Kingdom Authority. While the Bible admits the possibility of defeat for a Christian, it never assumes the necessity of it. We are already kings and priests meant to live in perpetual victory—not necessarily in ease, wealth, or health but victory. Kingdom Authority is not only for the “sweet by and by” but for the believer today. It is your birthright and legacy.

Satan will marshal all the forces of hell and the demons of darkness to keep you in ignorance about your Kingdom Authority. Satan wants to deceive you into thinking that victory is impossible—even if you are swimming in an ocean of potential blessing!

A friend told about an experiment he had seen in a film. A large walleye pike was taken alive and placed in a huge aquarium. The water temperature and surroundings were adjusted to match the lake he was taken from. Then, buckets of live minnows were dumped in. Mr. Pike thought he was in heaven. He began rapidly swallowing these minnows.

A short while later, the researchers played a trick on the fish. They placed a large glass cylinder of water into the tank, then filled it with minnows. Mr. Pike started for the minnows again, only to bump his snout against the invisible barrier. He tried again and again and again. Finally he gave up and settled on the bottom of his “heaven” that had gone awry.

The researchers then removed the cylinder, and the minnows swam freely in the tank. But Mr. Pike never made a move for one of them. They would swim right past his face, but he never moved. He was convinced that he would never have another minnow. He finally starved, surrounded by minnows.

Have you ever thought that you may be asking God for what you already have? It is time for you to open your eyes and possess your possessions. Are you saved? Have you repented of your sin, believed upon Jesus Christ to save you, and made him Lord of your life? Then you are a member of the royal family of God with Kingdom Authority!

Adrian Rogers, The Incredible Power of Kingdom Authority: Getting an Upper Hand on the Underworld (Nashville: B&H, 2002).

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