When our family lived in Florida, we lived near the Indian River, which is a saltwater lagoon that stretches many miles up and down the east coast of Florida. It is a very beautiful body of water that is perfect for sailing. In the evenings, it was my joy to come home, kick off my shoes, put on an old pair of trousers, get one or two of the kids, and go sail into the sunset on this river. What fun we had telling stories, laughing, joking, and enjoying one another.

One day I walked down to the pier to go sailing, and the little boat was gone. Somebody had taken my beautiful little sailboat. That boat was almost like a member of the family.

Several weeks later I was driving through the center part of Merritt Island where we lived, and I looked over at a marine shop. There on a special little mound was my boat. And it had a “For Sale” sign on it.

I went in the store to inquire about the boat, and the man told me the price. I asked him where he got the boat, and he said he was selling it for someone else. I informed him that it was my boat, and I was coming for it. He said, “Mister, you had better not touch that boat.”

I went home and got my boat trailer. I came back to the marine shop and began to load the boat onto my trailer. The owner of the shop came out and said, “What are you doing?” I said, “I am taking my boat home. If you disagree with what I am doing, I suggest that you call the police.” He turned and went inside. That’s the last I saw of him. As you read this book, unless God has providentially intervened, that little boat is in my backyard.

Satan may bluff, but we need not be afraid. We need to keep our eyes focused and appropriate that which is already ours in Jesus Christ. And that which we have is Kingdom Authority!

Adrian Rogers, The Incredible Power of Kingdom Authority: Getting an Upper Hand on the Underworld (Nashville: B&H, 2002).

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