The team needs more linesmen than quarterbacks.

The company needs more cashiers than CEOs.

The church needs more staff members, more deacons, and more Sunday School teachers, and more preschool workers than it  needs Senior pastors.

The kingdom of God needs more pastors that serve in obscurity than it needs pastors of mega-churches.

In every arena of life, we need more workers than we need bosses. Jesus said the harvest is plentiful, the workers are few. It is not a boss shortage; it is a worker shortage.

Yet, the world says we need more leaders. More people at the top. More important people. We constantly hear appeals for us to “do great things for God.” “Dream great dreams! Rise above the ordinary! Don’t settle for mediocrity!”

God needs lots of ordinary people to do His work. For every Nehemiah, there are hundreds—no, thousands—of workers on the wall. For every Joshua there are thousands and thousands of people that simply need to march around the city and shout when it is time to shout.

Anyone can dream great dreams. Anyone can dream of being a great leader leading a great multitude of willing followers. “A man can only receive what is given to him from Heaven.” (John 3.27) Blessed is the man who plays second fiddle and plays it well. Blessed is the man who serves faithfully in obscurity.

Imagine John had dreamed of greatness. Imagine he refused to play second fiddle. Imagine if being John wasn’t good enough for him. Imagine he wanted to be Jesus. There is a word for a person like that: the Messiah Complex. Blessed is the man who serves faithfully in obscurity. A man can only receive what is given to him.

From Lesson #5 in the lesson Series, “Second Nature.” Part of the Good Questions Have Groups Talking Subscription service.