Research by George Barna reveals what we were afraid was true:

Indeed, the research consistently reveals little discernible difference in the core behaviors and lifestyle attitudes and values of born-again Christians when compared with other Americans.

However, research also point us to the solution.

People who start their day with their Bible on the lap are significantly different from the rest of the world.

How do we get them to start their day with their Bible on their lap?

People who are in a group are substantially more likely to start their day with their Bible on their lap.

What needs to happen in a group?

  1. The Leader must stand before the group and say, “Follow me as I follow Christ.”
  2. The leader must identify and spotlight the first followers. Most people are influenced by their peers, not by the leader. This is how science says ideas spread. This is the way Jesus did it.

Focus on the few.

I have just released a video that explores these ideas.