When I was a Group Pastor I had two problems

  1. I couldn’t get enough leaders
  2. Many of the leaders I did have were boring

Great groups were great—really great. But, a lot of groups were not great. And I struggled to create new groups because I couldn’t get leaders.

I stumbled onto a solution in an unexpected way, and this solution is now helping hundreds of churches solve these same two problems.

My preferred style of teaching is a question-and-answer approach. I believe people are changed more by that they say than what they hear.

The classic example of this in the life of Jesus is when he taught on His identity. Through a series of questions, Jesus led Peter to boldly declare, “You are the Christ the Son of the living God.” I believe Jesus taught this centrally-important lesson through question-and-answer because Jesus knew that we are changed more by what we say than what we hear. Jesus knew that when Peter declared these words Peter would be changed by the words he declared.

Later, Jesus’ half-brother, James, taught us that our words are like the rudder of a ship—they turn our lives. They are like the bit in the mouth of a horse—they direct the life.

  • People who speaks words of gratitude become more grateful.
  • People who speak words of love become more loving.
  • People who grumble and complain become more grumpy.

One day I was teaching using a series of questions and the man sitting next to me could see my notes. He could see how I was leading the discussion. I would…

  • Ask a question
  • Let the conversation go
  • Look down at my notes
  • Ask another question
  • Repeat

He thought to himself, “I could do that.” He suggested that if I would keep writing questions, he would lead a group. I agreed. Soon, other teachers in the church heard about Good Questions and they requested copies as well. I wrote lessons that went along with Lifeway’s outlines. I continue to do so today, adding lessons for the International Standard Series and The Great Books. (These are studies of books like J.I. Packer’s Knowing God.)

Once I started providing Good Questions to my leaders, I never struggled to find teachers again. And, the classes became more interesting and life-changing by using the question-and-answer approach.

This Sunday, 1800 group leaders will teach using Good Questions that Have Groups Talking. Perhaps you should join them.

Good Questions are provided on a subscription basis (Like Netflix for Bible lessons). $5.99 a month gives you access to ALL of the lessons. Church plans also available for around $10 per teacher per year, depending on the size of the church. Lessons are also available on Amazon in both print and kindle versions.