“I believe legalism is the greatest single problem of the Christian Church.”

“The ultimate purpose of this book is for you to discover what does and does not matter in your Christian walk. I believe for each of us, this is a matter of critical importance.”

“Confusion on this issue is the root of most of our problems.”

These dramatic, sweeping statements by Derek Prince are the keynotes of the book you are holding in your hands, By Grace Alone: Finding Freedom and Purging Legalism from Your Life.

Having identified the major problem of legalism facing every one of us, Derek proceeds to help you eliminate it from your life, leading you into a revolutionary understanding of the grace of God.

It is important that you recognize from the start that the focus of By Grace Alone is not just on the problem of legalism. Far from just uncovering the negative, Derek moves quickly to a positive, comprehensive treatment of the grace of God that could very well change forever your understanding of the power of this principle in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

It is very fortunate for us that as Derek unpacks this important subject, he does so much more than simply point out the problem. Chapter by chapter in By Grace Alone, he moves us steadily through a process of identifying and defining legalism, its origin, and its deadly impact upon the life of every believer, as well as upon the modern-day Church. Moving quickly from an astute analysis of the problem, Derek makes the turn to a refreshing, liberating treatment of the most wonderful antidote to legalism: the grace of God.

The second statement quoted above sets the tone for what Derek Prince’s teaching in By Grace Alone is intended to accomplish. It answers basic questions for each of us like these:

  • What really matters most in my walk with Jesus Christ?
  • Have I been focusing on the wrong principles and activities?
  • Have I been wasting my time in fruitless pursuits?
  • Have I relegated myself to a life of rules and regulations?
  • What impact can God’s grace have upon my daily experience?

Compiled from a series of spoken messages entitled “Which Way to Righteousness: Law or Grace?” the crystal-clear instruction Derek lays out on the subject of law vs. grace will settle questions that have plagued Christians for centuries. But By Grace Alone is not a theological treatise aimed at seminary students. It is for you.

Have you entered the ring with religious legalism and lost the fight? Do you want clear and practical teaching that will establish true north for your life? Do you want to embark upon a new understanding of God’s grace that will lead you to life and liberation?

If your answer to each of those questions is yes, we encourage you right now to grip this book tightly in your hands, run—don’t walk—to the nearest comfortable reading area you can find and dive into this rich teaching by Derek Prince.

Derek Prince, By Grace Alone: Finding Freedom and Purging Legalism from Your Life (Grand Rapids, MI: Chosen, 2013).

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