In his lecture given at Talbot School of Theology in January 2007, George Hunter augmented his insights to the secular person with observations on postmodern folks. He shared nine characteristics:

  1. They assume truth is relative.
  2. The do not assume the authority of Scripture or pastors.
  3. They are more right brained (creative) than left brained (logical).
  4. They are more interested in experience, less in doctrine (their self-understanding is based on “I feel, therefore I am”).
  5. They expect clarity.
  6.    They expect relevance.
  7. They hunger for community.
  8. Their music is their first language.
  9. They have shorter attention spans.

These glimpses into the world of the secular and postmodern person can provide us insight into those with whom we want to share the gospel. People will listen, if we share in a way they will understand.

Phil Stevenson, 5 Things Anyone Can Do to Help Their Church Grow, You Can! (Indianapolis, IN: WPH, 2007), 13–14

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