It has been discovered that when best friends attend the same church,

  • They attend more regularly;
  • They feel more connected to the church; and
  • They feel closer to God and display a more integrated faith.

This being the case, why not leverage it? Put an emphasis on people reaching their friends—especially their best friends. If they insist that their best friend already attends the church, then help them identify their closest friend who is not active in a church.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Create opportunities for faith-building friendships.
  • Preach a sermon series on the value of friends.
  • Schedule a “Lucy and Ethel” or “Fred and Barney” Sunday.

Phil Stevenson, 5 Things Anyone Can Do to Help Their Church Grow, You Can! (Indianapolis, IN: WPH, 2007), 22–23.

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