Christ died for our sins of racism. His work on the cross put racism to death. The redemption of mankind and the earth will include the redemption of human relationships and the uniting of different people groups in Christ. Racist groups that purport to be Christian are the opposite of Christian. There will be no racial prejudice in Heaven. There will be no illusions of racial or national superiority, no disputes over borders.

Some scholars argue that the image of God has a corporate dimension: “There is no one human individual or group who can fully bear or manifest all that is involved in the image of God, so that there is a sense in which that image is collectively possessed. The image of God is, as it were, parceled out among the peoples of the earth. By looking at different individuals and groups we get glimpses of different aspects of the full image of God.”

If this is true, and I believe it may be, then racism is not only an injustice toward people but also a rejection of God’s very nature. On the New Earth we’ll never celebrate sin, but we’ll celebrate diversity in the biblical sense. We’ll never try to keep people out. We’ll welcome them in, exercising hospitality to every traveler. Peace on Earth will be rooted in our common ruler, Christ the King, who alone is the source of “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among men with whom He is pleased” (Luke 2:14, NASB).

Peace on Earth will be accomplished not by the abolition of our differences but by a unifying loyalty to the King, a loyalty that transcends differences—and is enriched by them. The kings and leaders of nations will be united because they share the King’s righteousness, and they, with him, will rejoice in their differences as a tribute to his creativity and multifaceted character. — Randy Alcorn, Heaven (Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale Momentum, 2011).

I have just completed a series of seven lessons on Engaging Culture. They are available on Amazon, as well as part of Good Questions Have Groups Talking Subscription service. Lessons include:

Engaging Culture, Lesson #1
Race / Ephesians 2.11 – 22

Engaging Culture, Lesson #2
Life / Exodus 1.15 – 2.9

Engaging Culture, Lesson #3
Depression / Psalm 42, 43

Engaging Culture, Lesson #4
Do Not Get Drunk / Ephesians 5.15 – 25

Engaging Culture, Lesson #5
Marriage / Genesis 2.18 – 25

Engaging Culture, Lesson #6
Materialism / 1 John 2.15 – 17; 3.16 – 16

Engaging Culture, Lesson #7
Cults / 1 John 2.18 – 29