We are pleased to announce the biggest upgrade to our Bible Study Lesson Subscription service in ten years or more… maybe ever.

Up until now, we have provided Good Questions for the following series:

  • Lifeway’s Bible Studies for Life
  • Lifeway’s Explore the Bible
  • Lifeway’s Masterwork
  • The International Standard Series

In addition to all this, subscribers have access to twenty years of previously written lessons—thousands and thousands of lessons on every book of the Bible and every topic imaginable. Now, we are adding even more—a lot more. Basically, we are going from adding one new lesson a day to adding two new lessons a day.

New lessons will be based on best-selling books. Most recent examples include:

  • Not God Enough, J.D. Greear
  • Letters to the Church, Francis Chan
  • The Prodigal Prophet, Tim Keller
  • Why I Believe, Chip Ingram
  • Unshakable Hope, Max Lucado
  • Overcomer, David Jeremiah
  • A Life Beyond Amazing, David Jeremiah
  • Eternity Is Now in Session, John Ortberg
  • Anxious for Nothing, Max Lucado

We are set up to receive notifications when any of these authors—a long with several other best-selling authors—release new books. When they do, we plan to get a new series of lessons based on this books.

And what is the additional cost for this upgrade?


Same low cost as before:

Monthly Individual – $5.99

Individual quarterly – $14.99

Individual Annual – $39.99

5 Teachers / $19.80 per teacher per year. – $99.00

12 Teachers / $16.58 per teacher per year. – $199.00

25 Teachers / $11.96 per teacher per year. – $299.00

35 Teachers / $11.42 per teacher per year. – $399.00

50 Teachers / $9.98 per teacher per year. – $499.00

200 Teachers / $3.49 per teacher per year. – $699.00

For more information, see www.MyBibleStudyLessons.com