All around the world the gospel is spreading and, in many cases, spreading rapidly. The are doing it—pretty much without exception as best I can tell—through House Churches. (See ) Perhaps we should experiment with House Churches.

Let me clarify what I mean. I don’t mean that we should close down the churches we have and all start House Churches. What I mean is House Churches AND regular churches, not House Churches INSTEAD OF regular churches. What I mean is that perhaps we should all experiment with starting a House Church. You may have to back off on attendance on Sunday night and Wednesday night. You might have to get off a committee or two. But there is no reason you can’t be an active participant in a regular church and a House Church.

I see the relationship between a House Church and a regular church someone like the relationship between the church and the local Association. (Association, in Baptist world, is all the local churches more-or-less in the county.) Many church leaders participate in both the local church and the Association. I want to suggest we participate in the House Church as well.

Also, I am totally opposed to the House Church of the bad attitude, and I think God is as well. The House Church of rebellion against the local church has no place in the Kingdom of God.

In all likelihood, you are far more prepared to start a House Church than are the people who are actually doing it. You know far more about the Bible and Christian living. You are far more spiritually mature. Many of the people who are leading multiple generations of House Churches have not yet read the New Testament, let alone the Bible.

What is the first step? There is near universal agreement on this as well. It starts with prayer.

If you are ready to take the next step after prayer, I’d invite you to check out Good Questions Have Groups Talking. If you can ask 20 questions, you can lead a house church. See