“And blessing—remember, we have been blessed to be a blessing,” I said. “How can we express that blessing toward one another? What has God given each of us? And do any of you have any needs that we can meet?”

“Well, some of you couples with kids need to be able to have a night out. What if I made myself available to watch your children?” Nikki asked.

Others shared how they wanted to be available to give financially if and when any of us were in need. Some offered up their skills of carpentry or housecleaning, and many other offers were made for how we would bless one another in the coming year. It was a great picture of God’s family loving one another with whatever he had given us.

We also reminded one another that since our collective mission was the students, families, and teachers of Grant Elementary, as well as the neighborhood surrounding it, we would be blessing the school again this year through serving at the auction.

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