My father is now ninety-three. He is finishing well. Every day he adds value to people. He loves them and serves them. Not long ago I asked, “Dad, what keeps you going?”

His reply: “Every day I try to make a difference for others. That gives me the energy I need to keep going.”

Every Sunday Dad leads church services in the assisted-care village where he lives. When he arrived there, he started with just one service. When he filled that one up, he started a second. He filled it up, and now has three full services every Sunday.

Recently he said to me, “John, we keep growing and have run out of room. I’m looking into doing services at satellite locations.”

He’s ninety-three and thinking about satellite services! Most people his age are thinking about sleep. — John C. Maxwell, Intentional Living: Choosing a Life That Matters (New York City, NY: Center Street, 2015).