If you have ever been around someone who has recently fallen in love, you know that every other word out of the person’s mouth seems to be about the new relationship. With starry-eyed enthusiasm, the person describes every detail, sometimes again and again!

That’s a wonderful picture of how passionate God wants us to be about Him. All through Scripture, people just couldn’t keep quiet about their love for God. David wrote psalms while his enemies were pursuing him. Paul encouraged the churches while he was imprisoned. Others were tortured and exiled, but they all focused on their love for the Lord. What could explain their commitment? Only a powerful love that had swept them away.

Every believer has a story to tell. What has God brought you through? How has He shown you His love? What unshakable quality of His nature do you rely on? Ponder these truths. Be thankful for them. Let them sink into your heart and delight you. Then, maybe the next time you feel like singing praises to God in public, or bringing up the “G” word in conversation, you won’t stop. You’ll be so in love with God that the world hears it—again and again. What better testimony could there be?
Your love, O Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.
—PSALM 36:5

Thomas Nelson, My Heart for His Glory: Celebrating His Presence (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2007).

We have just released a new Bible study on The Life of David as Reflected in the Psalms.

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Sessions include:

The Early Years / Psalm 19, 8, 29

The Exile / Psalm 37, 59, 52

The Exile, Part 2 / Psalm 56, 54, 57

The King / Psalm 18, 33

The King, Part 2 / Psalm 24, 110, 60

The Tears of the Penitent / Psalm 51, 32

Chastisements / Psalm 41, 39, 55

The Songs of the Fugitive / Psalm 3, 4, 63, 62, 37