We believe that what you can’t change what you don’t measure. Discipleship is a lifelong process of becoming who God has called us to be. Throughout life we enter into different stages with varying struggles, trials, and temptations. It’s easy to focus on those things.

But, discipleship isn’t just about what we’re going through. It’s about establishing spiritual disciplines in our life. That’s where our spiritual health assessment comes in. We’ve developed the assessment after tons of research and conversations with pastors across denominations.

The result is a forty question survey broken down into eight categories: Bible application, character, evangelism, fellowship, giving, prayer, serving, and worship. These eight areas of spiritual health are true across all denominations. A mature disciple of Christ must establish and grow in each characteristic.

You can complete the survey in about five minutes and will instantly see how you’re doing holistically and see a break down of what areas you need to improve in.

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