Wisdom is not shy; it proclaims itself and speaks out in public places. Like the Lord speaking to Moses on Mount Sinai, He spoke wisdom out loud with authority, clarity, and finality. John the Baptist boldly cried out repentance and faith in Christ to the crowds. Wisdom is not a secret secluded in solitary confinement waiting to be let out.

It calls out publically and openly. Because wisdom is so easily accessible, it is imperative we listen and learn from its instruction. Sunday morning teaching at your church should be a reservoir of wisdom. If not, consider transferring to a fellowship where access to truth is easily found. Wisdom drowns out the whispers of gossiping fools, because wisdom has the last word. Listen for wisdom, and you will learn how to follow the Lord.

The way of wisdom works because it invites God’s blessing. For example, financial wisdom is to avoid debt, save, and pay cash. Relational wisdom is listening with understanding to another’s needs, repeating what you heard to confirm your comprehension, and, if appropriate, offering ideas that may bring benefit.

Parenting wisdom is to find couples whose children are upright, learning from them. Business wisdom is to build your enterprise on honesty and integrity, not compromising your convictions for cash. Wisdom has worthy things to say; so each day listen for it and learn. Train your ears to listen for wisdom in sermons and everyday conversations.

Expose your eyes to wisdom in books and the Bible. Lastly, look for wise behavior to emulate from those who enjoy the fruit of faithful living. Wisdom speaks out so you can live it out. The Bible says, “Wisdom shouts in the street, she lifts her voice in the square” (Proverbs 1:20 NASB).

Where is wisdom trying to get my attention, and how can I apply its truth?

Boyd Bailey, Seeking Daily the Heart of God Volume Ii (Atlanta: Wisdom Hunters, 2013).

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