Tim’s group started well but lost momentum. People grew less and less excited about coming to group; attendance became sporadic. He shared his frustration with his small group coach. His coach asked a simple question, “How did your last group social activity go?”

Tim blushed and stammered, “We haven’t had any.” His coach gave him a few pointers and suggestions for possible social activities. As a result, Tim committed to having one. That week, he shared the idea with his group. The ladies perked up when he mentioned a social gathering, and the guys got interested when he mentioned a Super Bowl party. The conversation took on a spiritual tone when he mentioned using it to attract some new people to the group.

The gathering was a great success. The group regained morale and momentum. Three new people visit-ed, and Tim learned the value of social gatherings and fellowship. Highly effective small group leaders take full advantage of the power of social gatherings.

Dave Earley, 8 Habits of Effective Small Group Leaders (Touch Outreach Ministries, 2001).