One morning, during an eclipse in the Middle Ages, people woke expecting day to dawn. When it didn’t, they were terrified. ‘Oh, no!’ they cried. ‘The sun didn’t rise today.’ When the sun did at last appear, the people cheered, clapped, and blessed God for the sunshine which they had previously taken for granted.

How good it would be for us to wake up and say, ‘Thank You for a new day, Father. I’m alive. The sun is out. There’s air to breathe. I’m not a slug.’

Personally, I don’t think there’s anything more abhorrent than grumpy believers. Don’t they realize how good God has been to them?

They’re going to heaven.
They have the Scriptures.
The Spirit indwells them.

Therefore, I don’t think there’s a single excuse for a rational person to be grumpy. Thanksgiving should flow from our lips constantly.

Courson, Jon. 2003. A Day’s Journey: 365 Daily Meditations from the Word. Santa Ana, CA: Calvary Chapel Publishing.

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