THROUGHOUT THIS BOOK, applications and steps of action have been identified. But summarizing some of those key concepts in an easy-to-reference way may help you get started putting what you have learned into action. If so, copy these pages and stick them on the refrigerator or your bathroom mirror as a daily reminder of changes you are making. Better yet, use this list to give you some fresh ideas and create your own list based on all you have read.

• Pray.

• Pray you will join God’s harvest in a fresh way.

• Pray for other believers to join you working in the harvest.

• Pray for alertness to more opportunities to witness.

• Pray for spiritual discipline to keep your witness focused on Jesus.

• Pray for wisdom to witness effectively—no matter the situation you may face.

• Pray for boldness to talk about Jesus.

• Pray for the gospel to spread rapidly through your community.

• Pray for friends and family, by name, to be saved.


• Read your church’s doctrinal statement to clarify what you believe about the gospel.

• Ask your pastor to recommend a doctrinal study or good book on the gospel.

• Complete a practical course on how to share the gospel conversationally.

• Identify theological questions you have about the gospel and resolve them with a pastor or other spiritual mentor.

• Identify relational tension you feel when sharing the gospel and discuss it with a pastor or other spiritual mentor.


• Read your church’s doctrinal statement to clarify what you believe about the Holy Spirit.

• Ask your pastor to recommend a doctrinal study or a good book on the Holy Spirit.

• Seek, through prayer on a daily basis, the filling of the Holy Spirit for ministry to others, including sharing the gospel.

• Confess known sin and stop sinful behavior that may be an impediment to the Spirit’s flow through you.

• Initiate spiritual disciplines (daily Bible reading, prayer, worship attendance, Scripture memory, fasting, etc.) that accentuate your sensitivity to the Spirit.


• Make a list of friends, family, and people in your circle of influence who you want to be more sensitive to regarding their spiritual condition and interest.

• If you do not have many unsaved friends, make a list of acquaintances you could befriend in more intentional ways.

• Take an acquaintance to lunch, coffee, a sporting event, or a concert, any mutually enjoyable activity that would provide an opportunity for building a relationship leading to a conversation about the gospel.

• Adjust your attitude toward unbelievers who may behave in unseemly ways you find offensive. Choose to love people and ignore behavior!

• If you are not connected to non-Christian communities, join a club or a group with which you share a common interest. Make friends!


• Overcome your reticence to share a verbal witness about Jesus and reject any definition of witnessing that doesn’t include communicating the gospel.

• Overcome any embarrassment you have about the gospel because of the behavior of other Christians or negative prejudice in your community toward Christianity.

• Overcome religious barriers well-meaning Christians have erected that prevent you from connecting the gospel with your community.

• Overcome cultural barriers and other prejudices that prevent you from sharing the gospel with all people in your circle of influence.

• Overcome limitations on evangelistic methods you may have allowed to limit your creativity in communicating the gospel.


• Identify frivolous activities on which you are wasting time. Eliminate them from your schedule and devote more time to evangelistic endeavors.

• Identify ways you are wasting money that could be used or kingdom purposes. Redirect those funds to evangelistic activities.

• Identify a sacrifice you are willing to make so someone can hear the gospel—and make it today!

Jeff Iorg, Unscripted: Sharing the Gospel as Life Happens (Ashland, OH: New Hope Publishers, 2014).

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