I wonder if anyone learned anything tonight. I wonder if any lives were changed. It was enjoyable. I wasn’t bored. I didn’t look at my watch. But, I wonder if any lives were changed.

Effective Bible Teachers regularly ask these questions. They regularly evaluate. They constantly want to improve.

If I were in charge

If I were in charge of the Bible Study Groups at your church, here is what I would do. I would group the teachers into groups of three. As much as possible, I would try to put friends together. It would work better that way.

Let’s suppose Tom, Bob, and George are in a group. A couple of times a year, I’d ask Tom and Bob to get subs and visit George’s group. Then, I’d invite them to go to lunch together. I’d ask Tom and Bob to tell George a few things he did right, or the class did right and one thing that is not yet perfect.

Of course, Tom and Bob know they are coming next. So, they would likely be gracious with George. They wouldn’t be too hard on him because they know it will be their turn next.