All of us had wonderful dreams, goals, and plans when we were teenagers or young adults. But at some point reality sets in, and we let our dreams and goals slip further and further back into our minds. We actually ship all of our dreams and goals to a mythical place I call “Someday Isle.”

“Someday Isle” is a picture-postcard kind of place where the weather is always perfect, and everything is always wonderful—except nothing ever happens. And now, every time we think of those long-forgotten dreams and goals, we say to ourselves, “Someday, I’ll do this; someday, I’ll do that.” But someday never comes.

General George Patton said that a good plan violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week. This applies to each of us as we go through our lives. Please remember that the biggest dream you ever had in your life is still alive and well. It will return to you from “Someday Isle” as soon as you make it a priority in your present-day life.

Your destiny is too wonderful to delay any longer. Make the commitment. Take the steps. Pay the price. — Stovall, Jim. 2010. Today’s the Day. Colorado Springs, CO: David C. Cook.