My wife, Amy, said that growing up, her friends and even some teachers told her she would always be an average student. She graduated high school with lower grades and continued on that path her first two years of college. That’s when I met her.

It was obvious to me that she was extremely bright. I told her so. I wasn’t trying to be slick, as in, “I love you because you’re pretty, so I’ll tell you that you’re smart.” No, she was truly intelligent. But she insisted she wasn’t. I kept proving to her that she was incredibly smart. Finally, my words started to sink in.

Want to guess Amy’s GPA her last two years of college? 4.0. Yep. When she changed what she thought of herself, it completely changed how she approached her education, and her high grades were the result. A different and better who led to a different and better do. Today, she is a respected spiritual leader and thinker, a published author, the founder of a nonprofit for women in recovery, and a mentor to homeschool leaders around the country.

When Amy was growing up, her parents and brother also repeatedly told her, “You’re always grumpy in the morning. You’re just not a morning person.” She believed it. She lived it. Until one day she realized she didn’t like starting her day in a bad mood. She questioned why she lived that way. She realized she believed it was who she was because her family told her it was who she was. Amy decided, Wait. I don’t have to believe this. Who says my family is right? She began to pray, God, I want to be a morning person. Make me a morning person. I believe I am a morning person! Ever since she changed her mind, Amy wakes up in a good mood and feels energetic, ready to attack her day.

Did Amy get smart when she met me? Did she become a morning person in one day? No. She was always intelligent, and she always had the potential to be a morning person. Her behavior changed when she finally understood and believed these truths about herself.

Her who changed her do.

Groeschel, Craig. 2023. The Power to Change: Mastering the Habits That Matter Most. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan.

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