Previously, I asked you, What do you most need to do to have what you want most?

Now I want to flip the question to this: What do you most need to stop doing to have what you want most?

We are going to learn how to start and stop habits. To begin, let’s identify the habits we need to start and stop to achieve our goals. You may want to choose one strategic habit to start and one not-so-strategic habit to stop.

Here are some examples to help you wrap your brain around how this might work:

Identify the habits you need to start and stop to achieve your goals.

Goal: get closer to God.

  • Habit to start: reading the Bible every day or attending a small-group Bible study.
  • Habit to stop: hitting snooze in the morning or planning things on the weekend that prevent church attendance.

Goal: get out of debt.

  • Habit to start: following a biblically based money management course, such as Financial Peace University.
  • Habit to stop: purchasing without praying or making only minimum credit card payments.

Goal: make more friends.

  • Habit to start: participating in a group, a team, or a hobby that can be done only with others.
  • Habit to stop: binge-watching TV alone every weekend.

Goal: improve your marriage.

  • Habit to start: doing a couples devotional together every evening or committing to a weekly date night.
  • Habit to stop: blaming your spouse or talking negatively about your spouse to other people.

Goal: get a promotion at work.

  • Habit to start: setting clear goals and documenting achievements to share in an upcoming review.
  • Habit to stop: talking negatively about coworkers or engaging in office politics or gossip.

See how this works?

Groeschel, Craig. 2023. The Power to Change: Mastering the Habits That Matter Most. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan.

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